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Cycle to work Cycle to work

Why Cycle to work?

Cycling to work can be a great way of both avoiding lengthy rush hour queues and ever increasing parking charges. Cycling for up to 20 mins as part of a journey to work each day will also benefit your health and contribute towards NHS recommended physical activity levels.

Mens bikes

Womens bikes

Cycling is good for your heart

People who cycle regularly not only enjoy the fitness levels of non-cyclists who are 10 years younger, but research has shown that they usually live many years more too. Regular cycling will make your heart stronger and your lungs more efficient.

Weight control

Cycling on a regular basis will help to turn your body into a fat burning machine! The more often the body gets exercise the more fat burning enzymes it produces and burns greater amount of calories even when you are resting. A 15 minute cycle to and from work five times a week will burn the equivalent of ¾ stone in fat alone in one year.

Cycling helps the environment

Do your bit for the environment, especially for those short journeys when you don't really need to take the car. Think about going to work on your bike a few times per week saving you pounds over the year and helping to cut down on damaging emissions.

Please note that all cycle to work schemes are subject to commission payments to the organising body which are payable to as part of your deductions. These are standard and vary but at Cycle King and Hawk Cycles we help guide you through this process and explain all aspects of using the Cycle to Work schemes.

Cycle to work