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Top 4 Accessories To Improve Your Cycling Experience

Words by Cycle King

on 19/04/2021 15:22:41

1. Good-quality bike lock

We’re starting this list off at an obvious place. A good bike lock can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Having your bike stolen can cause a lot of aggravation and that can be easily avoided by investing in a good lock.

We offer a range of locks, from lighter weight models that will keep your bike safe while you pop in to the café half way through your ride, all the way to heavy duty locks that can keep your bikes secure while they’re stored at home or in the shed.

You can see our range of locks on the website here - or pop in to the store and our friendly staff will advise you on the best options!


2. Cycling Computer

A cycling computer is handy to let you know how long you’ve been cycling, how fast you’ve been going and lots of other information. This can be really helpful if you’re training for an event or long ride - but mostly we use them to brag about how far we’ve gone!

Some more advanced models can even act as a form of sat-nav for your bike and show you how to get to your destination or help you follow a pre programmed route.

We have a number of different cycling computers in stock online and instore - our favourite one is this jazzy bright green one from Giant.  It’s not too expensive at £24.99 and can be found on our website here

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3. Powerful bike lights

As the winter draws closer and the evenings get darker, a good set of bike lights is crucial to staying safe on your bike. We offer a wide range of bike lights, some of which are designed just to make sure you’re visible to other road users, while others are bright enough to light up the way on dark roads.

With a lot of newer models you don’t even have to worry about buying batteries for your lights as they charge over USB in a similar way to your smartphone. You can pop them on charge when you get home and then they’ll be ready and waiting for you the next time you go for a ride.

You can see our full range of lights and reflectors on our website here


4. A mobile phone mount

A mobile phone mount enables you to keep your phone at arms reach without having to remove it from your bag or worry about it falling out of your pocket. The most useful part of using a phone mount is it allows you to use your phone to help with navigation without having to stop all the time to look at it.

Of course it’s always useful to have your phone when riding in case of emergency but this makes it much easier and safer to use. We have a variety of mounts available in store and online, some of them are even waterproof in case of any bad weather!


We hope you found these 4 accessories helpful. They helped us to enhance our cycling experience and they could do the same for you! 

Feel free to take a look at our website to find some of the accessories above and don’t forget to get in touch with your favourites!

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