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The Top 5 Benefits of Cycling To Work

Words by Cycle King

on 06/05/2021 10:51:50

It’s great for your health!

This is probably the most obvious addition you’ll see to this list. Cycling to and from work every day, even if it’s only a short distance, is a great way to build your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness. Not only does it lower your blood pressure and build muscle, it can remove the need to get out for that arduous post-run jog that you always dread! It’s also been proven to be much easier on your joints than jogging, which you’ll thank yourself for when you’re older.


Beat the traffic.

If you’re thinking of cycling to work in the city, this will be especially poignant for you. How often do you find yourself stuck in traffic again and again on your morning commute? You can skip all of that on your trusty bike, thanks to more and more bike lanes going up around the country. Remember to be careful around vehicles, though, and always signal clearly to motorists.

It will save you money.

Just think about all of the money you spend on fuel each week for your daily commute or how much you spend on trains and buses. You could easily save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year! You can also save money on your insurance due to lower yearly mileage, as well as reducing the chance you’d need to send your car in for repairs. Sounds like a pretty deal to me!


Reduces local emissions – help the earth!

An average car puts out around 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. If you think about that on a scale of a city, or even a country, that’s a huge amount of carbon dioxide. By cycling to and from work every day, you can vastly reduce your carbon footprint and help slow down the effects of climate change. Do the Earth a favour!

It can help make you happier.

This is probably the most important entry on the list. It sums up the rest of the points we’ve made into one simple benefit: it helps make you a happier person. Daily exercise has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. You won’t have to sit behind a wall of traffic every day. You’ll save a bunch of money that you can spend on things that you actually enjoy. You’ll feel better about yourself because you’re reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

It can seem like a big step once you decide to stop driving to work and cycling instead. It can definitely take some getting used to and it might even put you out of your comfort zone for a little while. The benefits speak for themselves, though, and we think it’s something that everyone should consider trying.


Try it for yourself and let us know how you found it! If you already cycle to work every day, or some of the time, let us know how it’s affected you. Tweet at us (@cyclekinguk) and share your thoughts.

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