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Find Your Perfect Match: Our Guide To Spares And Accessories!

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 12:31:02

Locks If you frequently cycle in public and need to leave your bike unattended, you’re going to want to put all your eggs in this basket. ???? At Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, we stock three different types of lock to keep your bike safe and sound when unattended. Cable locks, sometimes called chain locks, are.... More

10 Reasons To Cycle With Your Kids

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 11:45:06

1. Health benefits for you Staying fit and healthy is important for every adult. In fact, it is recommended that we should undertake a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week. However, many adults in the UK are frequently falling below this target. Often, this comes as a result of having too little time or too few resources.... More

What Are The Best Foods To Eat Before And Whilst Cycling?

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 11:18:51

Breakfast/Before you ride Starting your day with food rich in energy and nutrition is important to making your ride successful. You haven’t eaten since the evening before, your body’s been burning calories while you were sleeping, and your energy levels are really low. That being said, your breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. A pre-cycle breakfast should consist.... More

How To Choose The Right Size Bike For Your Child

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 11:09:00

Traditionally, children’s bikes are measured by wheel size and categorised by age range. However, if your child is smaller or larger than the average size for their age, this system may be misleading and not applicable. It is, however, important that your child’s bike fits well. Getting a bike too small for your child could mean that they.... More

Four Ways To Make Hot Weather Cycling A Breeze!

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 11:08:35

Don’t overdress. One of the worst things you can do in hot weather is wear too much. Being overdressed will cause you to overheat, lose hydration and become fatigued a lot quicker than you normally would. If the weather is going to be hot, or even just warm, consider wearing more lightweight clothing, preferably with wicking. We all.... More

Top Tips For Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bike

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 11:08:00

Teaching your little one to ride a bike can be a fun and exciting experience for both of you. It’s a significant occasion in their childhood and is sure to be a proud moment for you as a parent! However, we understand that if you’re teaching a child to ride for the first time, you’re likely to have.... More

The Top 5 Benefits of Cycling To Work

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 10:51:50

It’s great for your health! This is probably the most obvious addition you’ll see to this list. Cycling to and from work every day, even if it’s only a short distance, is a great way to build your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness. Not only does it lower your blood pressure and build muscle, it can remove the need to.... More

An Easy Guide To Maintaining Your Bike

Cycle King | 06/05/2021 10:04:59

Thoroughly clean your Bike The first step when you take your bike out of the shed is to give it a deep clean. The simplest way of doing this is with a bucket of soapy water and brush, preferably with fairly stiff bristles. This should be effective at getting off most of the grime, but be careful with some.... More

4 Things You Should Bring On Every Bike Ride

Cycle King | 05/05/2021 17:14:00

1. Spare inner tubes and tyre levers We’ve grouped these 2 together as they’ll both help you with the same problem: a puncture. If your inner tube needs replacing during a ride, the easiest way to get the tyre off is by using a tyre lever. Often made from strong.... More

Top 10 Apps For Your Next Bike Ride

Cycle King | 19/04/2021 16:19:17

Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything and anything! Cycling is certainly no exception. There are a huge number of apps for both experienced and budding cyclists available for all smartphones. Let’s run through a few of our favourites! Plan and track your route One of the most popular categories of cycling apps is.... More

Top 4 Accessories To Improve Your Cycling Experience

Cycle King | 19/04/2021 15:22:41

1. Good-quality bike lock We’re starting this list off at an obvious place. A good bike lock can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Having your bike stolen can cause a lot of aggravation and that can be easily avoided by investing in a good lock. We offer a range of locks, from lighter.... More

The Ultimate Bike Ride Checklist

Cycle King | 19/04/2021 15:00:18

Helmets: Safe and comfortable helmets are a priority. Check to see whether you and your children’s helmets fit properly. You can shop our wide range of adults and kids helmets here ✓ Bikes: Ensure that all of your bikes are appropriate for your size and your saddles are in the proper position. This will help to make.... More

Try Something New In 2021: Our Guide To Specialist Bikes & Scooters

Cycle King | 14/04/2021 17:07:45

A new year is a perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. As a reader of this blog, chances are you’re a fan of a bike ride but why let your love for cycling end there? Riding your bike doesn’t have to be only about your typical road or mountain.... More


Cycle King | 12/03/2021 16:31:49

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